How To Use Transfer Paper?

How To Use Transfer Paper? Transfer paper is a popular tool used in arts and crafts to transfer designs, images, or text onto surfaces such as fabric, wood, or paper. It’s a great way to create custom designs or personalize items. In this blog post, we will show you how to use transfer paper.

How To Use Transfer Paper?

Step 1: Choose Your Transfer Paper

There are different types of transfer paper available for different surfaces, so it’s important to choose the one that’s suitable for your project. For example, if you want to transfer a design onto fabric, choose a transfer paper that’s designed for fabric.

Step 2: Create Your Design

Create or select the design that you want to transfer. It can be an image, text, or a drawing. You can create your design on a computer or by hand.

Step 3: Print Your Design

Print your design onto the transfer paper using an inkjet printer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the transfer paper packaging, as some transfer papers require printing the design in reverse.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Design

Cut out your design, leaving a small border around the edges to prevent the transfer paper from sticking to anything else.

Step 5: Prepare the Surface

Prepare the surface where you want to transfer the design by ensuring it’s clean and dry. Iron the surface to remove any wrinkles or creases.

Step 6: Position the Transfer Paper

Position the transfer paper with the printed side facing down onto the surface. Use tape or pins to hold it in place.

Step 7: Apply Heat and Pressure

Apply heat and pressure to transfer the design onto the surface. This can be done using an iron or a heat press. Be sure to follow the instructions on the transfer paper packaging for the correct temperature and duration.

Step 8: Remove the Transfer Paper

After applying heat and pressure, carefully remove the transfer paper from the surface. The design should be transferred onto the surface.

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How Do You Use Transfer Paper For Beginners?

How to Use Graphite Transfer Paper – FIONA VALENTINE

  • Graphite transfer paper may just be your new best friend.
  • Step 1 – Tape your paper to a board or table.
  • Step 2 – tape your reference image to the paper.
  • Step 3 – Place transfer paper graphite side down.
  • Step 4 – Draw over the image with a red pen.
  • Step 5 – Clean up a transfer with a kneaded eraser.

What Side Of The Transfer Paper Goes Down?

Preheat the iron to the cotton/linen setting. Iron the fabric to remove wrinkles. On a smooth hard surface, place the transfer paper image side down onto the fabric. Firmly place the iron on your transfer image.

Do You Have To Peel The Transfer Paper?

If you are using opaque transfer paper you will peel the backing off before you apply the transfer.

Do You Put The Transfer Paper Face Up Or Down?

The image is placed face down on the garment and when the transfer process is complete, it will appear the right way round. When using dark transfer paper, the image is placed face up on the shirt before transferring and as such, there is no need to reverse the image.


In conclusion, using transfer paper is a simple and effective way to transfer designs onto surfaces. By choosing the right transfer paper, creating your design, printing it onto the transfer paper, cutting it out, preparing the surface, positioning the transfer paper, applying heat and pressure, and removing the transfer paper, you can use transfer paper to create custom designs and personalize items with ease.