skim milk nutrition facts

What Are Skim Milk Nutrition Facts? 

Why should you know about the skim milk nutrition facts? It is because you should always eat or drink any food or drink respectively only after knowing the nutrition facts and ingredients of that particular product. Especially those foods or drinks which have gone through multiple processes. Because during food processing many manufacturers use lots of bad preservatives which are harmful to your body. So, to stay aware of what you are eating or going to eat by knowing the nutrition facts of that food. Let’s know the skim milk nutrition facts. 

What Are Skim Milk Nutrition Facts? 

The skim milk nutrition facts are 

Skim Milk Nutrition Facts Values % Daily Value 
Calories 90 cal-
Total Fat 0g0
Saturated Fat 0g0
Trans. Fat 0g-
Cholesterol 5 mg 1%
Sodium 130 mg 5%
Potassium 410 mg 12%
Total Carbohydrate 13 g  4%
Protein 8 g -
Sugars 12 g -
Vitamin A -10%
Vitamin C -4%
Vitamin D-25% 

Note: the above table of the nutrition facts of the skim milk is prepared according to the 1 cup skim milk nutrition facts. 

  • The ½ cup skim milk nutrition facts are 43 calories, 4,2 g protein, 0.22 g fat, and 5.99 g carbs. Also, the skim milk nutrition facts 8 oz are 9 grams of total carbs, 9 grams of net carbs, 70 calories, and 6 grams of protein. 
  • The table given above is based on the skim milk nutrition facts 1 cup but here we will provide you with the skim milk nutrition facts 100ml. And they are 35 calories, 0g fat, 3.55 g protein, and 0.19 g carbs. 
  • When you see the whole milk vs skim milk nutrition facts, you will find that skimmed milk nutrition facts 250ml are 12g  carbs, 12g net carbs, 5g fat, 9g protein, and 130 calories. While the whole milk nutrition facts of serving 250ml are 155 calories,30% carbs, 49% fat, and 21% protein. 
  • So, you know the skimmed milk nutrition facts 100ml as well as calories in skimmed milk 250ml. But the nutrition facts don’t stop here, but it varies with the quantity as well as the quality of skimmed milk. I am saying quality because quality varies according to the brand of the skimmed milk. 
  • While talking about the nutrition facts on different brands of skimmed milk, the fairlife skim milk nutrition facts are 6g total carbohydrate, 0g dietary fiber, 13g protein, and 30% of calcium. 

After knowing the nutrition facts skim milk, including skimmed milk calories 100ml, let’s check which ingredients are used in skimmed milk. 

Skim Milk Ingredients 

The skim milk ingredients are 

  • Natural milk with removed butterfat, and 
  • Some Vitamins 

Let’s know about skim milk. 

What Is Skim Milk? 

Skim milk or skimmed milk or sometimes labeled as normal milk is made when all the milk fat is removed from the whole milk. It tends to contain around 0.1% fat. Basically, it was used for fattening pigs, and was recommended as “not only the very best supplement for growing pigs but is of almost equal value for fattening purposes”. And hence, it became popular among overweight people in the United Nation. 

According to suppliers, skimmed milk also has all the nutrients of other dairy milk like whole milk, vitamin A and vitamin D, at only 90 calories per serving. Also, it is fresh and healthy and packed with protein and calcium so you start and end your day guilt-free. 

So, dairy pure fat-free milk is the smart, low-calorie choice for you and your family. But, in my opinion, the natural cow milk or the whole milk provides you with better health because it is not gone through any process. Also, it does not have added vitamins and proteins like skimmed milk. 

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Is Skim Milk Healthy?

Skim milk and whole milk are also good sources of potassium, which can lower your blood pressure. Milk is a good source of protein, too. One of the benefits of skim milk is that you can get a good amount of protein from just one glass with no added fat.

What Is The Content Of Skimmed Milk?

Here’s the fat content of popular milk varieties: whole milk: 3.25% milk fat. low fat milk: 1% milk fat. skim: less than 0.5% milk fat.

Why Is It Called Skim Milk?

If you are looking for the same nutrients as whole milk, but want to cut calories and fat, fat-free (also known as skim) milk is a good choice. In fact, because it has less fat, there are just 80 calories in fat-free milk in each 8-ounce glass.

Is Skim Milk Better Than Whole Milk?

If you’re looking only at the calories and protein, skim milk is the clear winner. It has 83 calories and 8 grams of protein per cup, while the same amount of full-fat milk contains 149 calories and a little less protein. But some people find the taste and mouthfeel of full-fat milk to be much more satisfying.


Well, after going through this article you became aware of the skimmed milk ingredients as well as nutrition facts. Now, you know that skimmed milk or skim milk is best for those who have a restriction on extra fats and calories. But, just one glass of fresh, pure milk from your trusted dairy can add wholesome nutrition to your routine. Skimmed milk is easy to digest because of its low calories and low fats. The side effects of consuming skim milk are acne, eczema, and milk allergy. This was all about the skim milk nutrition facts


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