What Are Turkey Bacon Nutrition Facts? 

Want to add turkey bacon to your diet? Well, here are some turkey bacon nutrition facts, you should go through them first. Turkey bacon is nothing but meat prepared from chopped, formed, cured, and smoked turkey, commonly marked as a low-fat alternative to pork bacon. It is often prepared using minced or chopped turkey with added seasonings and preservatives, which are then formed into bacon-like stripes. Without taking much time let’s come to the main topic and let’s focus on the turkey bacon nutrition facts

 What Are Turkey Bacon Nutrition Facts? 

Turkey bacon nutrition facts are 

Nutrition Facts Values % Daily Values
Calories 390
Total Fat 27.3g 42%
Saturated Fat 7.3g 36%
Trans Fat 0.3g
Cholesterol 156 mg 52%
Sodium 2132 mg 89%
Potassium 702 mg 20%
Total Carbohydrates 4.4g 1%
Dietary Fibre 0g 0%
Sugars 4.4g 0%
Protein 31.2g

Note: The given nutrition facts in Turkey Bacon are based on a serving size of 105.3 grams, and the % daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. 

  • Costco Turkey bacon nutrition facts of 2 slices are 80 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of protein, and 410 mg of sodium. Costco turkey bacon is healthier than pork belly bacon but also fairly healthy for you overall. The biggest concern comes due to its high sodium content. 
  • When you compare Bacon vs turkey bacon nutrition facts you will find that turkey bacon contains fewer calories per serving than 220 calories versus pork belly and less total fat. Turkey bacon has slightly fewer calories and fat than pork bacon. 
  • Oscar Mayer turkey bacon nutrition facts in a slice of 18 grams are calories 40, total fat 3g, saturated fat 1g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 15 mg, sodium 170 mg, total carbohydrates 0g, protein 3g, and vitamin 10% of the Daily Value. 
  • Do you know? 2 slices turkey bacon calories are 84 while  2 slices turkey bacon protein is 30 grams.  
  • Turkey bacon nutrition facts per slice are calories 40, total fat 3g, saturated fat 1g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 15 mg, sodium 170 mg, total carbohydrates 0g, protein 3g, and vitamin 10% of the Daily Value.  
  • Turkey bacon nutrition facts 1 slice is calories 40, total fat 3g, saturated fat 1g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 15 mg, sodium 170 mg, total carbohydrates 0g, protein 3g, and vitamin 10% of the Daily Value. 
  • 1 slice turkey bacon calories 382 while 1 slice turkey bacon protein 30 grams. 4 pieces of turkey bacon calories 1,528 calories.  

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Turkey Bacon Ingredients 

Turkey bacon ingredients are 

  1. Turkey 
  2. Mechanically separated turkey 
  3. Water 
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Canola oil 
  7. Sunflower oil 
  8. Natural flavor 
  9. Sodium phosphate 
  10. Potassium acetate 
  11. Potassium diacetate 
  12. Sodium erythorbate 
  13. Sodium nitrite 

What Is Turkey Bacon? 

Turkey bacon is the best-known substitute for traditional pork bacon. It is made by shaping a seasoned mixture of finely chopped turkey into stripes that resemble traditional bacon. It is made by chopping or grinding turkey meat, adding seasoning and preservatives, and then pressing the mix into bacon-like stripes. Some even use strips of light and dark meat to mimic the look of traditional bacon pieces. 

Turkey contains fewer calories and less fat than pork bacon because it is leaner than pork belly. Both products come from animal proteins, so they are relatively good sources of vitamin B and various minerals like Selenium, Zinc, and phosphorus. Eating turkey bacon is a smart move for your overall health. Turkey bacon contains a hefty amount of saturated fat and sodium-two nutrients that, when consumed in excess, can potentially result in some unsavory health outcomes. 

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Why Is Turkey Bacon Healthy?

Each two-ounce serving of pork or turkey bacon contains nearly the same amount of protein. Pork bacon has 20 grams of protein while turkey bacon has 17 grams. Keep in mind that turkey bacon does contain 4 grams of saturated fat, which is considered the bad fat for your diet.

What Is Healthier Turkey Bacon Or Regular?

Turkey bacon has fewer calories per serving (about 220 calories versus pork’s 270 calories) and less total fat (about 8 grams less than pork). But it still has about 4 grams of saturated fat per serving. Pork bacon is made from the belly of the pig.

Is Turkey Bacon Good For High Cholesterol?

Turkey bacon might seem like a healthier alternative and one that’s gotten a bit more popular in recent years. But it’s a matter of degrees as Dr. Bruemmer points out. “Turkey is white meat and has less cholesterol, probably about 20% less cholesterol than regular pork bacon,” he says.

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Is Turkey Good For High Blood Pressure?

“Generally, all processed meat products, including turkey, contribute a significant amount of sodium,” she said. Higher sodium contributes to high blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular events.

How Many Pieces Of Turkey Bacon Is A Serving?

Keep your serving of turkey bacon to a minimum by enjoying just one piece per day. Three pieces may be a large portion for some people on a low-sodium diet, since this amount takes up about 20 percent of your daily sodium requirements.

Is Turkey Bacon OK For Weight Loss?

The healthiest foods to eat during weight loss are those low in energy density and high in nutrients. Turkey bacon doesn’t fit the bill, because it contains quite a few calories for a small serving and doesn’t provide a lot of nutrients.

Is Turkey Or Chicken Bacon Healthy?

But don’t be fooled into thinking turkey bacon is a health food. It isn’t. It is highly processed and full of salt. The bottom line: Whether you enjoy turkey or pork bacon, eat it sparingly.


While reading this article, you come across the nutrition facts turkey bacon as well as turkey bacon nutrition facts per slice in detail. Now, your question will be, is turkey bacon healthy? Well, turkey bacon has slightly fewer calories and less fat therefore, it becomes healthy for you. It is also good food for people on special diets or who can not eat pork belly. But, it is processed meat with less protein and more added sugar than regular bacon and may contain preservatives that have been linked to increased cancer risk. This is all about turkey bacon nutrition facts

How healthy is turkey bacon