What Is An MMI Code?

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In the realm of mobile technology, encountering acronyms and codes is commonplace. One such term you might have come across is MMI Code. What exactly does it mean, and how does it impact your mobile experience? Let’s delve into the details to demystify the concept of MMI Codes.

What Is An MMI Code?

MMI Code stands for Man-Machine Interface Code. It is a sequence of digits entered on your mobile device to perform specific actions or access particular settings. MMI Codes are typically used to interact with your mobile carrier’s network and can execute commands related to call forwarding, call waiting, and other telecommunication services.

What Is An MMI Code On Android?

On an Android device, an MMI Code is a series of numbers and symbols that you input using your phone’s dialer. These codes initiate actions related to your mobile carrier’s network services. Understanding how to use MMI Codes can be beneficial for managing call settings, checking account balance, or troubleshooting network issues.

What Is An MMI Code On An Android Phone?

When you encounter the term MMI Code on an Android phone, it refers to the specific set of commands you can input via your phone’s dialer to trigger actions related to your mobile carrier. These actions can include checking account balances, enabling or disabling call forwarding, and accessing other network-related features.

What Is An MMI Code On A Cell Phone?

On a cell phone, an MMI Code serves the same purpose – interacting with your mobile carrier’s network. Whether you’re using an Android device or another type of mobile phone, MMI Codes are a means of executing commands related to telecommunication services.

What Is Invalid MMI Code?

If you see an “Invalid MMI Code” message on your phone, it indicates that the code you entered is either incorrect or not recognized by your mobile carrier. This could be due to a typo in the code, an unsupported command, or issues with your carrier’s network.

MMI Code List

Here’s a list of common MMI Codes and their functionalities:

  • *#06#: Displays the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.
  • *#21#: Checks call forwarding settings.
  • *#62#: Checks if calls are being forwarded to another number when your phone is unreachable.
  • *#31#: Enables or disables the presentation of the calling number when making outgoing calls.
  • *#43#: Checks if call waiting is enabled.
  • *#61#: Checks the number for unanswered calls when your phone is switched off or out of reach.

What Is The MMI Code On My Phone?

To find out the MMI Code on your phone, you can enter *##4636##* on the dialer. This will open the testing menu, where you can access information about your device, battery, and network.

What Is An MMI Code On Samsung?

On Samsung devices, the process for using MMI Codes remains the same. You can input the codes through the dialer to perform various functions related to your mobile carrier’s services. Each code corresponds to a specific action or setting.

What Is An MMI Code Used For?

MMI Codes serve various purposes, including:

  • Checking account balance: *#100#
  • Enabling call waiting: *43#
  • Disabling call forwarding: #21#
  • Checking call forwarding status: *#21#

These codes empower users to manage their mobile services conveniently.

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Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code

Encountering a “Connection Problem” or “Invalid MMI Code” message could be due to network issues or an incorrect code. Ensure you have a stable network connection and double-check the entered code for accuracy.

MMI Code Started *#21#

When you see “MMI Code Started *#21#”, it indicates that the code *#21# has been initiated. This specific code allows you to check the call forwarding settings on your phone.


In conclusion, understanding what an MMI Code is and how to use it can empower you to manage your mobile services more effectively. Whether you’re troubleshooting network issues, checking call settings, or exploring various functionalities, MMI Codes provide a direct means of interaction with your mobile carrier’s services. As you navigate the world of mobile technology, these codes become valuable tools in your hands.


How Do I Find My MMI Code?

There is a specific MMI code to get the IMEI so you don’t have to try and read any small label on the phone. That would be *#06# (which you might not have to press call/send). That is like a serial number that is unique to your phone.

What Does It Mean When Your Phone Says Invalid MMI Code?

There’s a chance your Android device has run into the “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” error due to a temporary network mishap. Most of the time, refreshing the network connections by enabling and disabling Airplane mode should fix the issue.

What Is MMI Code In Android?

(Man Machine Interface code) A cellphone code that begins with a star/hash (*#) prefix. MMI codes are entered like telephone numbers to obtain a variety of information as well to enable and disable various actions.

How Do I Restore My MMI Code?

The first way to try to fix an invalid MMI code would be to restart the smartphone. Hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time until the phone turns off and starts vibrating; wait for it to restart.

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